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Tips for a meditative creation session

Meditative creating involves combining meditation and creativity to foster a state of flow and deep self-expression. This approach is applicable to various forms of art and creative activities, such as writing, painting, music, dancing, and even cooking. Here are some steps to practice meditative creation:

  • Preparing the space: Find a quiet and comfortable place to work without interruptions.
  • Initial meditation: Take a few minutes at the beginning to meditate and center yourself. You can practice breathing techniques, body scanning, or simply observe your thoughts to calm your mind.
  • Setting an Intention: Before beginning your creative activity, set an intention. It doesn't have to be a specific goal, but rather a general purpose or state of being that you want to reflect in your creation.
  • Flow with the process: Start your creative activity without a rigid plan. Allow your impulses and intuition to guide you. Don't worry about the final result; Focus on the creation process.
  • Maintain mindfulness: While creating, try to maintain mindfulness. Observe your thoughts and sensations without clinging to them. If you get distracted, gently return to the activity.
  • Meditative Closing: At the end of your creative session, take a moment to close with another brief meditation. Be grateful for the time spent creating and notice any emotions or thoughts that have arisen.

This process not only enhances creativity, but also deepens meditative practice, creating a virtuous cycle of growth and self-exploration.

Remember to breathe through your nose during meditation, and to improve concentration, you can count your breaths or focus on phrases like "enter/exit" or "rise/fall." If you get distracted, just start over. If you feel sleepy or restless, try meditating while you walk.

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