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On this page, you will find my favorite books on creative expression and mindfulness. If you have any recommendations, please write to me at

"Craftfulness: Mend Yourself by Making Things" proposes a fascinating idea: the act of creating with your hands is not only an art form, but also a powerful tool for self-care. The authors, Rosemary Davidson and Arzu Tahsin, argue that manual labor can be a source of solace, satisfaction, and personal reflection. Through creative projects and personal examples, this book inspires readers to incorporate craft activities into their daily lives as a way to reduce stress and find greater joy and meaning.

“Mindful Thoughts for Artists” by Gerogina Hooper is a delightful book that invites artists of all levels to explore how mindfulness can enrich their creative process. The author offers insightful reflections on how present moment awareness can enhance connection. with artistic work, reduce stress and unlock new sources of inspiration. It is essential reading for artists looking to deepen their creative practice and live a more balanced and fulfilling life.

“”An Artful path to Mindfulness” by Janet Slom is an innovative approach that combines mindfulness-based self-expression with artistic activities and mindfulness practices. The book functions as a workbook to encourage internal communication and creativity, acting as a personal journal that celebrates the present moment. Encourages creative self-expression, empowering you to be authentic and build confidence for a full and joyful life.

“Mindfulness for a more creative life” de Danny Penman

Our busy lives can cause stress and anxiety, but simple mindfulness techniques can help. A four-week program improves creativity, reduces stress and anxiety, and strengthens mental resilience in just 10-20 minutes a day. It helps clear the mind, encourages creativity and decision-making, and provides tools to confidently pursue ideas.

“Draw yourself calm” de Amy Maricle

Whether you enjoy drawing and doodling or are looking for a way to de-stress, boost creativity, and reconnect with what matters most, this engaging guide will invite you to delve into the relaxing art of slow drawing.

With 25 nature-inspired patterns designed to relax the mind, “Draw Your Calm” provides a welcome respite from our stressful, always-on world. Let go of perfectionism, tune into the moment and nurture your creativity and spirit – one line at a time.

“Mindful Sketching” de Peggy Dean

Immerse yourself in creativity with Peggy Dean's art guide, combining mindfulness and drawing. Inclusive for beginners and professionals, it includes tips, techniques, and step-by-step exercises to express yourself through drawing, promoting confidence and relaxation in the creative process.

“Soul Color” de Emma Burleigh

Develop the confidence to paint more intuitively, give yourself permission to enjoy the unexpected and make mistakes, deepen your meditation skills, and discover a new sense of reflective calm. Soul Color is not a traditional “how to” book. It is the result of several years of research and trial and error with students and friends who have attended Emma Burleigh's workshops and classes.

“Painting Calm”, Baividavice

Immerse yourself in calm and happiness through a meditative watercolor book by Inga Buivadavice. Art therapy and painting promote mental health. The book combines creativity with nature to guide towards peace. Includes watercolor techniques, naturally inspired exercises, and seasonal projects. Ideal for beginners and seeks to foster a powerful relationship with nature through art.

“Watercolor for the Soul”, Sharone Stevens A fresh approach to watercolor as a means of relaxation and creativity. Author Sharone Stevens shows how simple painting with calming colors can have a meditative effect, while encouraging connection with nature. Projects seek to create relaxing art for artists and viewers, from tags to larger pieces. Learn to mix colors, practice painting exercises and enjoy the creative process.

“Creative Watercolor” by Ana Victoria Calderón

Watercolor is a technique that combines creative freedom and mathematical precision. Ana Victoria Calderón's book teaches the necessary resources step by step, from basic material to advanced techniques such as layers and digital editing. The teachings are applied to motifs such as flowers, butterflies, fruits and ornate letters. A practical and detailed approach to learning to paint in watercolor.

“Creative Drawing: Symbols and Sacred Geometry” Watercolorist Ana Victoria Calderón presents a new book on sacred geometry for creative self-discovery, exploring foundations, materials, techniques and projects inspired by figures such as the circle and the flower of life.

“Watercolor Textures for Artists” by Ana Victoria Calderón

The course explores a variety of textures, from organic lines to repeating patterns and splatters. Includes step-by-step tutorials, inspiration from environmental textures, painting techniques and landscapes. Suitable for artists of all levels, with supplies chapter and templates to recreate images with minimal drawing.

Zentangle art: Meditations stroke by stroke by María Tovar and Mercedes Pérez Crespo

Zentangle art brings us closer to the ancient secrets of yoga and mindfulness with the simplicity of using only paper and a marker. Point, circle, straight line, curved line and double curved line: this is all you need to know how to draw to practice Zentangle.

The Zentangle Method was created in the United States by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas in 2004. The name refers to the union of the words "zen" (meditative state) and "tangle" (tangle), and has become, in a few years, in a discipline with great following throughout the world.


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