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Welcome to this website where you are invited to explore mindful creative expression. This method empowers you to freely express yourself, find inner peace, clarity, and live fully in the present moment.

To support you on this path, a variety of resources are available, such as exercises, techniques, and examples. These resources will help you incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine and boost your creativity.

If you have any queries, feel free to get in touch.

Misty Nahuel

Red Zen Circle Illustration





Art Workshop

Submerging myself in the waters of mindful drawing, I discover a universe where the pencil dances on the paper, tracing contours and shadows born from the retreat of the self. This is not just an act of creation, but a ritual of connection, a bridge between the soul and the paper, where each stroke is a sigh, an unspoken word.

In this space, time fades away. The thoughts that usually besiege me dissipate, leaving a clear sky where only the current moment exists: me, the paper, the pencil. It is a place where there are no mistakes, only paths that diverge and meet again.

The practice of mindful drawing is a dialogue with the intimate self, where each line reflects an inner state, a feeling captured on paper. It becomes a mirror where I can see my joys and shadows reflected, accepting them without judgment.

This active meditation awakens a sensitivity to the environment, to the nuances of light and shadow, texture, color. The world reveals its richness, and I, with the pencil, become a translator of its secrets. Each drawing is an act of recognition, an affirmation of beauty in the ordinary.

Through this practice, I learn to let go, to free myself from perfection, to embrace imperfection as the essence of beauty. Mindful drawing is a path to liberation, where the process matters more than the product, and each stroke is a victory over the ego.

In the stillness of the act of drawing, I find a voice that doesn't need words to express itself. It's a voice that teaches me about the interconnection of all things, about the unity that underlies the diversity of the world. In this act, I discover that each stroke is an echo of the cosmic dance, a trace of my passage through this plane.

Thus, in the immensity of a paper, in the simplicity of a pencil moving with attention and love, I find a refuge, a temple where I can be myself, in communion with the universe. Mindful drawing becomes not just a creative practice, but a life practice, a path to inner peace and the understanding that, in every stroke, lies the possibility of transcendence.

My name is Misty Nahuel, and I am a Creator of multimedia, digital, and analog content, and a Mindfulness Instructor. I have created Infinito-Mindfulness, a non-profit project, to spread knowledge and methods about mindfulness and meditative creation. The goal is to offer tools for personal development and to inspire the use of mindfulness to cultivate creativity.

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Beautiful Mind

Mindful Creativity

Meditative Creation is an informal Mindfulness practice, which involves integrating mindfulness into daily and routine activities, in this case, the creative process. By intertwining Mindfulness with activities such as drawing, painting or writing, not only is inspiration enhanced and creativity stimulated, but the capacity for mindfulness is also strengthened.

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Photo gallery

Here you can see some examples of my meditative creation. I hope the images inspire you to try it yourself. Creativity is an amazing power that we all have within us!

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Meditative Creation


Mindfulness Practices Woman Painting

These exercises have been created for those who wish to deepen their mindfulness practice through creative and reflective activities. You can do them at your own pace and not necessarily in the suggested order


I invite you to practice these daily mindfulness exercises, simple and accessible practices that seek to increase awareness of the present moment.

A mindfulness exercise where meditative creation is combined with the four stones meditation, taught by Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Brief Buddhist stories

Golden Circle Frame

Seeds of Dharma

sprout seed

Short stories of wisdom

Misty Nahuel

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I invite you to take a break


Pause to breathe for one minute.

Focus on the images while breathing calmly. If your thoughts wander, gently guide them back to the images. After the movie ends, take a few seconds to notice how you feel and what you experienced.

This break is perfect to do several times throughout the day. It can be especially useful for transition times, such as before starting a new task or after finishing a meeting.

Three minute meditation

Take note of the sounds, the sensations of the body, the thoughts that appear and disappear, your emotions, while continuing to pay attention to the movement of the waves.

You can practice this meditation several times a day, especially when you need a moment of calm or a mental break. It is perfect for times of stress or when you need to recharge your batteries.


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